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ECM : Jump!

In-Document Navigation that changes the way you read

Jump! is a document navigation system that allows users to find the information they need faster within unstructured text.

Jump! uses world leading Natural Language Processing technology to extract the sentences, nouns, pronouns and verbs within text documents. It then uses this understanding to create a map of the content of the document.

Jump! resolves pronouns and acronyms. This means it understands when "Chief Executive Officer", "CEO" and "he" all refer to the same person.

Key Features:

  • Jump! creates an easy to use index, known as a navigation tree, of the entire contents of a text document. Each sentence in the navigation tree hyperlinks back to the same sentence within the source document.
  • The user can navigate multiple documents in different formats simultaneously - Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF & HTML.
  • Users can annotate their Jumped documents and share them with colleagues.
  • Find the information you need faster within contracts, RFPs, reports and other long text documents.

Benefit from Jump!

Do you regularly read long documents searching for specific information? Jump! creates a map of the people, places and things - so you can find crucial information without reading.

Jump! workspaces display the original documents beside the hyperlinked index, so you can go to the content you need at the click of a button. Users can annotate these workspaces and share them with colleagues by email.

Jump! is powered by a unique text analysis engine which extracts sentences and their subjects, verbs and objects from unstructured text. Jump! resolves pronouns (he/she/it) and acronyms (CEO/AGM) and indexes them under the terms they refer to. Jump! creates an index of all the contents of a document – to help you find the information you need more quickly.

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