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ECM : Workshare DeltaView

The World's Leading Document Comparison Tool

Anyone who deals with the creation of documents knows that content constantly changes. These changes are made by the document owner as well as contributors and reviewers. Keeping track of the many changes in the content of documents is a difficult and time-consuming process. Workshare® DeltaView® gives users of complex documents an easy way to compare two documents and get an accurate comparison. Workshare DeltaView's leading document comparison engine ensures fast, accurate, and reliable document comparisons.


Save Time and Money Working on Complex Documents

The amount of time spent editing and reviewing the changes made to complex documents is staggering. Manually reviewing printed documents for changes, cutting and pasting the changes online, and merging documents are just a few of the cumbersome ways that professionals are forced to compare their documents today. Workshare DeltaView provides a fast and economical way to understand detailed changes in documents:

  • Compares documents quickly and effortlessly utilizing the fastest change recognition engine on the market
  • Enhances efficiency and streamlines the document review process
  • Provides an easy-to-use interface

Increase Accuracy and Productivity When Reviewing Changes Between Documents

Manually reviewing the differences between two documents can lead to costly errors and overlooked changes. Workshare DeltaView provides a single, comparison document in a simple, easy-to-read format. Fully understanding all changes can increase the accuracy of the final document, thereby increasing the productivity of the document editor:

  • Ensures confidence knowing the changes between the two documents are accurately displayed
  • Handles complex and long documents with great accuracy

Reliable Document Navigation

Finding the differences between two documents requires keeping track of where changes were made in each document. Dealing with long, complex documents can be an extremely difficult task. Workshare DeltaView provides a fast and reliable way to navigate through two documents simultaneously while checking for revisions made:

  • Rapidly advances through changes with a simple click
  • Automatically synchronizes documents shown in each of the three panes (original document, modified document, and comparison document)
  • Easily navigates through changes by clicking on the highlighted change or change number
  • Three-pane view: Displays the original, modified & redline document within a single interface
  • Change Summary window: Lists all the changes within the document in the order in which they were made.


  • Three-pane view: Displays the original, modified & redline document within a single interface
  • Change Summary window: Lists all the changes within the document in the order in which they were made
  • Synchronized scrolling: Simultaneously scrolls each document within the three pane view to display the same word or phrase
  • Expanded rendering sets options: Specifies how changes should be represented; allows for house styles
  • Advanced formatting comparisons: Provides a detailed comparison of tables, nested tables, spaces, and Microsoft Word styles & characters
  • Change numbers: Displays change numbers in the margin of the redline
  • Hidden text: Displays hidden text within the comparison document
  • Selective page printing: Saves printing resources in long documents by printing only pages where changes have occurred
  • Integration with Adobe® Acrobat PDF: Saves comparison document in PDF format
  • Failsafe comparisons: Compares highly complex documents by stripping items down to the text level
  • Graceful document comparison: Includes auto-retry feature that allows for continued comparisons even if a problem area in a document is identified.
  • Easier installation and upgrade

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