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ECM : Workshare Hygiene®

The Problem

Documents are the life blood of every business. Daily, hundreds of millions of documents are shared over the Internet via email, portals and other channels. Yet these documents contain both business and hidden technical risks. With the explosion of regulation around privacy and financial disclosure, organizations can not rely on employees to understand all the risks lurking in business documents. Because documents must be shared in order to conduct business in today’s e-centric world, companies must find a way to keep sensitive information from leaking, whether inadvertently or intentionally, and prevent such costly results as regulatory fines, damage to reputation, and loss of business.

The Need

Despite a massive, multi-billion-dollar investment in security initiatives, a flood of dangerous and dirty documents continue to leak out of today’s organizations. Other document security approaches fail because they create damaging side effects, and have huge implementation barriers. Current solutions take three limited approaches: Convert, Contain, or Control. Unfortunately, none of these approaches have succeeded..

The Solution: Workshare Hygiene

Workshare Hygiene eliminates document security risk without crippling side effects of user and business disruption.

Only Workshare Hygiene actually cures documents of security risk. Based on its prepackaged policy and actions, Workshare eliminates business and technical security risks by:

  • Identifying and prompting the user to remove or redact content
    violations, actually removing risk from documents
  • Allowing for the automated removal of hidden data
  • Policy-enforced distribution restrictions on documents with
    content risks, including blocking
  • Automated PDF conversion and PDF rights restrictions
  • Extensible 3rd party actions like encryption

The Smartest Risk Management Decisions

Workshare Hygiene is the first solution that automatically and accurately classifies the identity of the document, the sender, and the receiver in order to determine the right set of actions to execute. Workshare Hygiene uses its knowledge of document taxonomy to accurately diagnose content risk, and based on that risk evaluates sender and reciever trust levels. This unique capability allows pragmatic and powerful risk management.

Hygiene ensures User Productivity, Education and Acceptance

Software solutions that attempt to unilaterally contain and secure documents and content without user override options or flexibility lead to business disruption and user frustration. Certain policies require a user to authorize or make a decision of whether a specific documents should be cured and/or distributed. However, these decisions are fully audited, and the user is educated and warned of risk. That said, for the user who is not so privileged or trusted, Workshare automatically enforces policies to provide enterprise-wide document protection.

Workshare Hygiene provides immediate and complete visibility into document distribution and policy enforcement. Workshare Hygiene monitors and audits all document distribution, authoring and content violation activity. Audit data captured by Workshare Hygiene includes:

  • To whom the document was sent
  • Changes to the document
  • Policy violations
  • Policy overrides
  • Types of documents

Workshare Hygiene is built on a scalable .NET architecture. This architecture provides both end-point and network based security and is centrally managed, controlled and built for scalability. Workshare Hygiene is built for today’s demanding enterprises, yet is very easy to deploy and administer.

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