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ECM : Workshare Protect 4

Policy-Enforced Document Security for Microsoft Office

"Document Integrity, tighter security and compliance are absolute requirements and Workshare's integration with the Microsoft Office System gives users the power to meet this challenge."

Adam LeVasseur - Group Product Manager at Microsoft Corp

Workshare Protect is the industry leading document security application for Microsoft Office documents. Ensure your organization is secure from the embarrassment, financial risk, and liability of confidential information leaks.

Confidentiality Leaks

Increasingly, Organisations are at risk to the exposure and loss of confidential information. Typically, Executive's have focussed on the threat of outside-in attacks on corporate security but insider leakage of sensitive information, whether inadvertent or malicious, is grabbing attention due to the financial and legal implications for any organisation whether large or small. Information such as Company financials, employee information, customer lists, Intellectual Property and corporate communications are all types of sensitive information that should stay controlled inside an organisations network.

What information is your business leaking?

  • Server names and email addresses revealing a map to the
    corporate network leaving it exposed to outside-in network
  • Quarterly financial information accidentally emailed to a
  • Confidential customer information exposed to other customers
    or prospects
  • Employee salary information made available for other
    employees to see.

Workshare Protect provides leading document security to ensure that confidential information remains confidential.

Policy Based Control

Stricter internal and external controls are influencing security and compliance technology solutions in today's businesses. These security requirements demand solutions like Workshare Protect 4 to centrally configure, manage and enforce document security policies across an organization.

  • Enterprise Risk Ratings are defined as High, Medium and Low using XML templates to enforce policy-based perimeter security.
  • Improved Policy Management to manage and enforce document security policies across an organization
  • Enables standardized PDF policy

Document Rights Over Email

Unintentional leaks of confidential internal and customer information occur regularly and often without any knowledge that the organization is exposed. Workshare Protect provides a range of security levels to block sensitive information leaks.

  • Internal and external perimeter settings control all rights at the
    domain name level, and can only be overridden by power users
    given those access rights.
  • PDF documents can be automatically generated without the
    need for additional software
  • PDF's contain optional lockdown controls such as setting
    passwords, preventing copying and printing, and changing any
  • Document attachments over administrator-set sizes are
    automatically zipped, providing email management on both
    sender and receiver email servers.
  • Embedded email attachments are now detected and security
    policies enforced.
  • Notification of blocked email informs end users of inadvertent
    send to: recipients.
  • Encrypted documents can now be un-encrypted, hidden data
    removed and re-encrypted transparent to the user during the
    email send process.
  • Multiple email attachments can have their security policies and
    PDF settings managed on an individual file basis

Workshare Hygiene is built on a scalable .NET architecture. This architecture provides both end-point and network based security and is centrally managed, controlled and built for scalability. Workshare Hygiene is built for today’s demanding enterprises, yet is very easy to deploy and administer.

User Transparency

It is important that security solutions provide complete protection whilst not being restrictive to a user's working practices. Workshare Protect provides maximum control with user transparency.

  • Many operations are up to 60 percent faster than Workshare Protect 3.x.
  • Configuration options for fast, non-disruptive delivery of secure email attachments

Power User Visibility and Control

Applying security policies and enforcing internal controls in an organisation can be a challenge to achieve successfully whilst allowing flexibility and visibility to both users and IT administrators. Workshare Protect 4 ships with reporting features that evaluate and report on the risks of confidential information in documents.

  • Preview before sending gives end users a proof-point before sending emails.
  • Risk Rating visibility is provided to every user via dynamic document risk views.
  • Confirmation Reports give users and organizations validation of what hidden data was removed and what format the document was sent via email.
  • Access control for Power Users to advanced security options for maximum control over document security.

Automatic Secure PDF Solution

An automatic secure PDF solution implementing an enterprisewide PDF solution can be expensive. Workshare Protect 4 ships with it's own PDF conversion technology making it possible to generate secure PDF's on-the-fly or enforce PDF policies for documents sent over Email.

  • PDF documents can be automatically generated without the need for additional software
  • PDF's contain optional lockdown controls such as setting passwords, preventing copying, commenting and printing, and changing of any data.
  • Set PDF policies for documents sent over Email
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