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ECM : Workshare Professional 4

Secure Document Compliance für Microsoft Office

Businesses have invested much time and resource into controlling information. At every stage of the document lifecycle - assembly, review, verify and secure - content needs to be managed, controlled and secured. At the same time, organizations are facing mounting pressure to provide visibility into document processes to meet external regulations. Companies are finding that Microsoft® Office® applications, and investments made in large enterprise applications, are not enough.


Document Process Challenges

For many organizations, including professional service organizations, corporations and governments, controlling document processes presents many challenges for both administrators and information workers, increasingly for those working with high value documents in corporate departments such as Sales, Finance, Operations and HR. These challenges include: working with others inside or outside the organization to streamline the editing and reviewing process; synchronizing document changes between SharePoint, email and document repositories; quickly and accurately verifying content between different versions of a document; securing and protecting sensitive information; preventing inadvertent document distribution; and finally, capturing and auditing all document processes to meet compliancy requirements.

Controlling High Value Documents

Workshare Professional 4 (WP4) allows you to accurately verify, secure, and manage important document processes by automating typical document functions in Microsoft Office applications.

WP4 bridges the productivity gap between Office documents, email applications, and document repositories, effectively allowing information workers to easily exchange documents with others on the assembly, review, verification and secure distribution of their high value documents. WP4 captures important document processes, allowing users to generate powerful reports presenting a document's audit, history and risk. Administrators can establish policy-enforced security for document distribution and control over document rights.

Take Control

Sales and finance organizations benefit by using WP4 to manage important projects from assembly to delivery by managing changes from different reviewers. WP4 allows them to quickly act on those changes directly inside Office applications, while keeping an audit trail that captures important document processes. Using WP4, lawyers and accountants can ensure that important changes are verified and captured in the latest version, while accurately presenting changes between different versions stored in separate repositories, DMS or email systems.

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