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New from ExKnow Consulting: Summarize! and Jump!

November 28, 2005: With Summarize! and Jump! from Corpora Software, ExKnow Consulting offers two exciting software solutions for businesses and organizations that revolutionize the way large documents can be navigated, read and understood - at the hit of a button!


Summarize! uses linguistic analysis to determine relevance of each sentence to the key themes in a document. It then creates a readable summary to reflect the dominant themes. Summarize! automatically installs an icon in Microsoft® Word, Outlook and Internet Explorer on your Windows PC.

Accurate summaries of long documents at the click of a button - for accelerated understanding. It creates summaries of any length, to meet your exact needs, and can be integrated with Microsoft® Word®, Outlook®, PowerPoint®, PDF and HTML. Summaries can be tailored to your area of interest with keywords. Also E-Mail messages and their attachments can be summarized - at a single click. Accurate executive summaries for meta tagging in CM systems are possible.

Summarize! will cut your research times, reduce your print spend and increase your responsiveness.

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Jump! is a document navigation system that allows users to find the information they need faster within unstructured text.

Jump's uses world leading Natural Language Processing technology to extract the sentences, nouns, pronouns and verbs within text documents. It then uses this understanding to create a map of the content of the document.

Jump! resolves pronouns and acronyms. This means it understands when "Chief Executive Officer", "CEO" and "he" all refer to the same person.

Jump! creates an easy to use index, known as a navigation tree, of the entire contents of a text document. Each sentence in the navigation tree hyperlinks back to the same sentence within the source document.
The user can navigate multiple documents in different formats simultaneously - Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF & HTML. Users can annotate their Jumped documents and share them with colleagues.

Find the information you need faster within contracts, RFPs, reports and other long text documents.

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