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Investigations have shown that business content in most enterprises is unstructurized. Information such as files, email messages, memos, reports and proposals - each generated in a different format and stored in different locations. This flood of information has to be put into a context in order to transform it into useful knowledge assets. Information has to be filtered and distributed to the people that need them - in a format that's useable for them. Only then the entire wealth of business knowledge can be used to its full potential. If you add to these requirements that information that's structurized - from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems or ERP solutions, data stores and databases - the organizational task many organizations are confronted with, becomes ever more challenging.

Sound management of an increasing amount of information is critical for the success of an organization. In today's harsh business environment information and intellectual capital are a key for the generation of new and lucrative opportunities. Modern Content Management systems offer all the tools an enterprise needs to establish and maintain a knowledge-based culture.

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